Why Does
Privacy Matter?

Because The Cloud has an Evil Twin

Beware of The Dark Cloud

Dangerous characters lurk in the shadows

Online Marketers

"The Profile Builder"

"My great passion is helping businesses to micro-target, there's just no feeling like it in the world."

Data Brokers

"The Cut-Throat"

"Need a list of left-handed truck drivers who prefer martinis and are in-market for pickups? I've got 'em."


"The Sicko"

"I'm most proud of the time in 2017 when I deep-faked a famous actress and she burst into tears."


"The Rebel"

"It's not your data, it's my my data, and your rules just don't apply to me so I'm taking what I want."


"The Delusional"

"Maybe if I stand outside your home you'll see how much I care. Bet I can guess your password."

Political Operatives

"The Manipulator"

"Let's face it, you have hot buttons and I know how to push them, without you even knowing."

Dangers In The Dark Cloud

Bad things happen when you're not protected



Reputational Damage

"No one is every going to hire me again. I didn't know my face and location were going to be broadcast..."

Injury or Harm

"I don't know how he knows where I worked but I left late one evening and he was waiting for me just outside..."

Chilling Effect

"My favorite singer has the terrible disease but if I post about it the Insurance company may raise my rates..."


"It was a mental and emotional hell for me, and they seemed to think it was some kind of a joke..."




"I don't know why they think I want a baby carriage but EVERYWHERE I go I see this ad..."

Economic Loss

"I was already freaked out when my email was hacked, but then I discovered my bank account was empty..."

Price Discrimination

"She paid $250 less than I did, and bought hers the same day as me. I was so mad that..."

Identity Theft

"Trust me, I was not in Pheonix yesterday, and I did not buy a new Ford Pickup and have it shipped to L.A...."

Protect Yourself from The Dark Cloud

With three simple steps:


Better Settings

Every app and service has options that can protect you. Use them.


Great Apps

Dozens of great products are ready to make you safer. Buy them.


Smart Behaviours

Choices you make all day deeply impact your privacy and security. Protect yourself.