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Privacy Bundle

For MacOS/iOS Users

BasicBundle 1 - July 2020
  • Password Manager (Dashlane Premium)
  • iOS Tracking Blocker (Disconnect Pro)
  • iOS Smart VPN (Disconnect Pro)
  • Data Broker Removal (Zoro)
  • Identity Theft Protection (IndentityForce)

This is the core set of privacy and security tools that everyone needs. You can't be safe with less.

Just $7.99 / Mo.

Save up to 70%


Privacy Bundle

For MacOS/iOS Users

Strong 1 - July 2020 200
  • Password Manager (DashLane Premium)
  • iOS & Mac Tracking Blocker (Disconnect Premium)
  • iOS/Mac Full VPN (Disconnect Premium)
  • Data Broker Removal (Zoro)
  • Social Media Clean-Up (Zoro)
  • Identity Theft Protection (IdentityForce)
  • Private Identities & Messaging (MySudo)

An expanded set of apps for those with higher privacy needs or desires. Perfect for anyone with solid skills.

Just $12.99 / Mo.

Save up to 58%

Privacy Bundle Advantages

  • Curated By Experts
  • Full Software Licenses
  • Financial Savings
  • Faster Purchase Process
  • Full Support Included
  • Monthly or Annual Plans

Can't Be Safe
These Tools

For Basic Privacy:

  • Password Manager
  • Tracker Blocker
  • Private Search Engine
  • Data Broker Removal
  • A Privacy Browser

Plus For Strong Privacy:

  • Authenticator App
  • Encrypted Messaging
  • VPN Encryption
  • Private Identities
  • Identity Theft Protection

Plus For Maximum Privacy:

  • Private DNS
  • Private Payments
  • FIDO Security Key(s)
  • Encrypted Email
  • Encrypted Cloud Storage


Basic Privacy

The core tools anyone should have to protect themselves.

Strong Privacy

More advanced and complete protection for those at greater risk.

Maximum Privacy

The complete set for those who need or want every possible protection.

Featured Partners

Password Manager

1Password 1Password

1Password remembers passwords for you. Save your passwords and log in to sites with a single click. It's that simple.


1Password 1Password

"The Best Password Manager" - New York Times

Strong passwords drive privacy and security. 1Password helps you create strong passwords and makes them easy to use.
It remembers your passwords so you don’t have to.

Regular Price: $36/year


1Password  Disconnect Pro

Protect all of your browsing and communications
with a simple VPN and Tracker Blocking.


1Password DisconnectPro

"Favorite Privacy Tool" - New York Times - 2016, 2017, 2018

Full VPN and tracker protection for all your mobile devices and Mac computers.
Encrypt all traffic, mask your IP and server location.

Regular Price: $25/year

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
PII Removal

Brand Yourself  Brand Yourself

Remove your name, address, and other data
from online data brokers who sell your information.


Brand Yourself  Brand Yourself

"BrandYourself is sophisticated, elegant and user-friendly." - CBS News

Remove your sensitive personal information from the web and protect yourself from identity theft, hacks, spam, telemarketers and robo calls.

Regular Price: $129/year


My Sudo  My Sudo

Create private identities for each part of your life,
silo communications and stay safe online.


My Sudo  My Sudo

"MySudo users create email names for different parts of their life." - Wired Magazine

Quickly create profiles called Sudos, and finally take back control of the information you share, whether you’re shopping, socializing, browsing, or anytime personal information is required.

Regular Price: $9 - 149/year

Private Identites

Plus, Priiv supports
these great free privacy tools:

brave-250 on 350


A reimagined browser delivers unmatched speed, security and privacy.



A fast modern browser designed to respect your privacy.



Get great search results without anyone tracking or compiling your search history.



Improve on two-factor authentication with a secure app to provide your 2FA codes on demand.