Why use a Claim Management Company? Why not do it yourself? We have online details for over 500,000 UK based companies and organisations and let you create tailored, FREE SAR letters to specific companies in seconds. How it works:

  • Search and find the company or organisation you are interested in.
  • Enter your name and address (we never keep any of your information).
  • Download your personalised Subject Access Request letter.
  • Print it out and post it.

  • Once you know what data companies have on you and why, you can then use GDPR to get them to either change it, delete it, or stop using it. If you would like to know more or see how we can help you then please Contact Us.

    We let you search for trading names as well as company names and schools, charities and organisations, as well as businesses. We never ask you to register, email you, or keep any record of any information you enter. Ever. And did we mention it is totally free?

    Find out who has your data, what they have, what they do with it, and why they have it.